We’ll Make You Safe, Even If We Have to Nuke You!

by | Nov 16, 2018 | Stupid Laws | 0 comments

The gun grabbers have lost their freaking minds, its gone from we don’t want your guns, to give us your guns or we will nuke you. This will make us all safer, well except for those we nuke. Now for normal people that makes no sense, but when you’re a liberal gun grabber, it makes perfect sense.

Well Rep Eric Swalwell, D CA-15, said it “And it would be a short war my friend. The government has nukes. Too many of them. But they’re legit.“. As I understand it, Eric is no friend to the Defense Community, hard to tell when the man has no stance on defense on his campaign site. Eric assumes that the guys with the nukes, would follow an unlawful order, and actually attack American Citizens

Typical, those from other places, making all Californians look like nut cases, this guy is from Sac City Iowa…