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  • Ammogeddon


    That new spiffy law that will essentially criminalize ammo purchases and possession, unless you have applied for and been granted a permit to purchase ammo by the state… After January 1 you will no longer be able to purchase ammo online of via mail order, and as I understand it online retailers will not accept […]

  • Gunpocalypse

    This past June, the California legislature passed a gaggle of bills that will do nothing to reduce violence in the formerly great state, primarily because the same morons the are criminalizing guns, are basically decriminalizing crime…. Still trying to figure out that if there has ever been an incident where someone has borrowed a gun […]

  • No More Colt 1911’s in California…

    Well it looks like due to various unconfirmed, the majority of Colt 1911 models will fall off the California compliant handgun list in the near future. So if you had your heart set on an all American, well I guess most of America, classic you and better get a move on. I find it amazing that a firearm […]

  • What the 9th Circuit Giveth, The AG of California tries to take away

    So just as law abiding citizens  are ready to get back their right to protect themselves from the lawless,  California Attorney General Kamala Harris, is trying to do some back door tactics to get the 9th circuit to reverse their decision.

  • 9th Circuit Court Overturns San Diego Concealed Carry Rules

    Well it looks like sanity may be returning to the “Golden State” as the 9th circuit court overturned San Diego county’s concealed carry rule that applicants must show “good cause” to obtain a concealed carry permit, and apparently now puts the burden on the sheriff to show cause why an applicant should be denied the […]