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  • Bon Appetite

    California Foie gras ban over ruled by federal judge…. You know i am so glad that California has so many real important things to worry about, like goose liver…

  • Just Visiting…

    While I was visiting San Diego this week, and a buddy took me to the range today. Had a great time, but the experience was quite a contrast from the commonwealth. Back in the free state, show your membership (or pay fee), buy ammo, and/or targets as needed, get lane, shoot guns… Here in the […]

  • Kevin, Kevin, Kevin…

    These guys are just continually shooting themselves in the foot aren’t they… First Leland Yee, and now Mr 30 round 30 caliber clip himself, at the rate they are going, the Capitol should be empty by the end of the year… I sure hope they’ve planned ahead, and expanded the prisons…

  • Potential PEZ Ban

    So now in the peoples republic of California. The move is on to lower capacity magazines… It’s a slippery slope very slippery

  • Now Flag Shirts

    Apparently now you can’t wear American Flag Shirts on My 5th in California… So killing the 1st and 2nd amendments in the courts, 2 down 8 to go… I guess those of you in California, better start making room in your house to quarter soldiers, I am guessing that might happen as they come for […]

  • 9th Circuit Court Overturns San Diego Concealed Carry Rules

    Well it looks like sanity may be returning to the “Golden State” as the 9th circuit court overturned San Diego county’s concealed carry rule that applicants must show “good cause” to obtain a concealed carry permit, and apparently now puts the burden on the sheriff to show cause why an applicant should be denied the […]

  • San Francisco Concealed Not Happening If SFPD can Help it…

    More of the  bureaucracy that is California… It is such a safe city,  you’re only ~30% more likely to  be a victim of violent crime in the city by the bay the anywhere else in California to the rest of the country… Couldn’t find anything on response times except this article, states “priority C” […]

  • Not Legal In California

    I recently bought a new handgun, and didn’t notice the big sticker on the case that read “NOT LEGAL IN CALIFORNIA”… Fortunately for me I live in Virginia!