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  • Too Much Sanctuary?

    Too Much Sanctuary?

    After screaming for months, about opening the borders, and creating “Sanctuary Cities, and States, Liberals are loosing their collective minds, over the suggestion by the President, that the asylum seekers be transported to sanctuary cities and states, the Governor of California has gone so fare as to call the plan asinine. Cher, has completely lost…

  • CA Lt gov Cruz Bustamante Busted Buying a gun?

    CA Lt gov Cruz Bustamante Busted Buying a gun?

       Hypocrite much… Follow up at the post waiting period pick up

  • Not so alleged gun runner anymore, Leelan Yee pleads guilty¬†

    Well Leeland Yee plead guilty to the charges of Racketeering accepting bribes, and of course gun smuggling. The architect of most of California’s oppressive gun legislation, must have been attempting to eliminate the competition.  In celebration of this, I went out and bought another non California compliant gun, the Sig P238​

  • Leland, Leland, Leland

    It just keeps getting better and better in the formerly great state of California. Seems like a federal grand jury has handed dow a few more indictments related to accepting ¬†bribes and unlawful campaign contributions. Looks like the total take is in the neighborhood of $62,000 and whatever proceeds he may have pulled down from…

  • Leland Yee, Party time!

    I can’t wait until the trial begins… I wonder if he’ll rat out his gang connections, as a plea bargain deal, or use the I was doing undercover investigations…