AB 1014, Gun violence restraining orders.

by | Dec 31, 2015 | Paranoia, Stupid Laws | 0 comments

So as we all know, that January 1, AB 1014 goes into effect, it was the unfortunate offshoot of the UCSB Stabbing and Shooting incident, where a
pathetic piece of shit had a temper tantrum, because he was such a looser and couldn’t get a date, regardless of the amount of money he had, and decided to kill 6 people before taking himself out.

Had this law been in effect prior to the losers rampage, I wonder if it would of had any impact, the sheriffs that stopped by and visited him didn’t see any problems. HIs parents did not know he had any weapons, so I doubt they would have requested a restraining order, and i think they didn’t want anything official on their little darlings permanent record. I don’t believe it give the police carte blanche to do a search anytime they do a welfare visit on someone, going to run into a few 4th Amendment issues there. After events like the UCSB incident, how often do you hear friends and family say, they totally expected the person to do such a thing, even the San Bernardino terrorists friends and family initially said there was now way it could have been him and his wife, they just weren’t that type, yet by all accounts they’d been planning it for years.

The other thing that still bothers me, is that the freaking media still can’t get it right…
3 Victims were stabbed, and 3 victims were shot, but its still reported as shooting…

  • 7 dead in drive-by shootings near UC Santa Barbara (LA Times)
  • UC Santa Barbara Drive-By Shooting Leaves 7 Dead (Huff Post)
  • shooting spree near UC Santa Barbara (NBC News)
  • 7 dead in drive-by shooting near UC Santa Barbara (Yahoo News)
  • 7 dead in drive-by shooting near UC Santa Barbara (USA TODAY)
  • Shooting rampage near UC Santa Barbara campus (ABC News)
  • 7 Dead, 13 Injured In UC Santa Barbara Shooting Over The Weekend (WBAL)

Why do the insist on counting the criminal as a victim, I guess it looks better from their blood sucking POV